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We bring to life what you want to share, your love story, your mission and your call to action.

We put your passion into visuals and sound so that your emotions will evoke engagement from your audience.



They Trust Us
Oryx Paris Videographer - Brands

We make videography for fashionbrands, corporate events as well as professional video content.

We create unique cinematic films for weddings, proposals and elopements.

Based in Paris, the City of Love, the City of Light and Ville de la Mode.

We would be happy to work with you.

We create videos for Paris Fashion Week, a major event in the fashion industry.

Working with worldwide top communication companies allows us to create videos for fashion shows and Haute Couture designers such as Elie Saab, Alexandre Vauthier, Lacoste, and more.

Creating videos for brands allows us to take our clients to another level of branding and communication. 
We work with jewelry brands, clothing brands, influencers, personal trainers, boutiques, restaurants, designers, spas and more.
Our clients are in 
ParisFrance and worldwide.

Paris, as the City of Love, is a source of inspiration to create unique cinematic films for weddings, elopements, pre-weddings and surprise proposals.
Our  goal is to capture the emotions in a simplistic approach with sensitivity and quality.
We work in France and anywhere in the world.

Creating event and corporate video gives our clients the capacity to improve their brand credibility and trust.

The engagement rate from professional video content is 10 times larger than regular content.

Corporate videos help to promote values, events and brands.
Let us help you
to convey the greatness of your company.

Professional event videography  is crucial to any type of client. 

It is an essential tool for promotion that must not be neglected.
Any type of event must be video promoted : galas, gallery openings, festival and others.

Event videos help to promote values, events and brands.
Let us help you
to convey the greatness of your company.



—  Gabriella S. —

“Ugo's attention to details and artistic eye is only an addition to how kind and easy he is to be around on a shoot, wedding day or project.” 

We provide audio post-production services such as professional voice-over,
sound editing, sound design and sound mixing.

 Our work expands from
documentary films to any type of brand content.
We have
3 Official Award Selections and 1 Award for our work on audio post-production.
Based in
Paris, we work on worldwide projects (UE, USA, Africa).


We would be happy to work with you.

Promotional videos are critical tools for our clients and a professional voice over is essential for a video to succeed.
We trust a professional voice over above an overly-enthusiastic 

We collaborate with english and french speaking talents.

Videos are essential to us and to our clients.
We believe that no matter how great a picture is,
if the sound is not of professional quality, it will diminish the video and our clients credibility.

Any documentary film requires good images and great sound.

Our 3 Official Selections and 1 Award Win within the last 2 years proves our dedication and professionalism in the field of audio post-production. 


Oryx Paris Videographer - Best Short Film Award

“We are all very proud of this award. From the artists to the production team. Street art is a constant wave that we all carry on somehow. Today we are celebrated, but it is a celebration of all the actors of this movement."

—  Bang Krew —

Music is a vehicle of emotions and memory.

This makes it an important feature in branding and advertising.

We have over 15 years of experience in sound technique and in the music & radio industry.

We create customized music for brands and films.

We compose original music for intimate projects such as wedding films, elopements, etc.
Music will ensure that your message will not be forgotten, and so will we.

Based in Paris, France we have a music studio located downtown.

We would love to work with you.

We know the impact of video and sound and we believe in the power of music.

Our experience in the music and radio industry allows us to compose customized music for major brands such as L'Oréal, Kérastase, Vichy etc.

Wedding films are meant to last for a lifetime.
We offer a very unique service where we compose a song for you, with your words and your own language.

When you think about it, how intense could your wedding film be if it had an original song composed for you, by you ?


Oryx Paris Videographer - Spotify

Oryx Paris Videographer has the great honor of being a featured artist for Artlist and on Spotify.

Oryx Paris Videographer - Artlist
Oryx Paris Videographer - Ugo

Hi, I am


I am a videographer and a music & sound producer in Paris, France

I grew up in Paris with a multicultural and musical family.

I spent several years in the US where I learned English and honed my musical skills under the mentorship of the great Jimmy Johnson, a Hall Of Fame Music Producer.
Film making and videography became a part of my musical evolution and I expanded my knowledge in videography in California.

My destination is  to provide value to people's lives while fulfilling my passion for the arts.



Discover the innerworking of videography and your frequently asked questions answered.
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